Capture the most beautiful expression

Yesterday I had the Joy of spending time with Julianna and Adam! I have known them for a while now but yesterday both were looking so mature and grown up to me. I thought it was a perfect moment to connect with them through my camera and see how that special magic is going to come out.

1st Birthday Cake Crash Photoshoot

Happy Birthday to Baby James. I was privileged to spend time with him and capturing this amazing experience. The morning starting in a very relaxed way, this baby is a content little guy and he was just ready and excited to explore it all.

Your – Do you know it?

Each and every one of us has a story and a powerful calling in our life. At times life gets too busy and we forget that amazing part of our being. As a photographer this is a big part of my commitment when I am looking through the view finder. I focus on finding that special moment when someone is willing, for just a minute, to take their masks off and revel their self. Photography for me is much more then capturing a moment, it’s about capturing that unique moment where later on you can see your self and love those images forever.

Capture special moment with your kids

The most productive and creative time for me as a kids photographer is spending time with them, when they are in a comfortable space. I get to have them and my camera engage in a game, a discussion, a fun activity, where they expose their emotion that I am gratefully get to capture. In this featured photo, I joined this family to an after school quick visit to the park. Great colors all over played a key factor in the creation of interesting background textures and dept of field got the focus on this beautiful girl having a game with my camera. At times I have captured images that tell a short story, that exposes the emotions that these kids have yet without many words, just by observing them as they play and interact with other kids or themselves. This is a fascinating process as I view it from my camera and gets me inspired each and every time. I am so grateful to be able to get to know children from this amazing angle.

Balloon Festival and Photo Contest Winners

During this summer I attended the 2011 annual Balloon festival in NJ, an event that always brings lots of people who share a deep excitement when experiencing all these hot air balloons go up in the sky. This year I joined my photography group @ UniquePhoto to a beautiful day of photography at the festival. Amazed by the experience I had on a hot air balloon this weekend, I tried to capture some images that will explain the silence, the peace, the quiet moments I have experienced while flying about Bridgewater NJ.  The take off was very intense, it was really fast and I was making sure that I have all my equipment with me. Within a few minutes I understood that magic of flying a hot air balloon. From all the excitement that we experienced while setting up the ballon, there was a sudden silence and with it an amazing secure and relaxing feeling. The hot air ballon move with the wind which allows the ride to be very peaceful, I had the ability to focus on my photography without being concerted about the flight and I could just see all the magic around me. A few weeks after the event, I was happy to realize that this photo won […]