Portrait Parties

Portrait parties are a chance to get some friends, relatives, colleagues together, to get great images of their children and for you to get host/hostess rewards!

How does it work?

Portrait parties are 20 minutes mini-sessions scheduled back to back.  Each client will arrive for their assigned time slot and we’ll start shooting!

Time permitting, an outfit change per child is allowed. And of course we’ll photograph siblings together and apart!

Portrait parties must be booked in advance. Upon scheduling your party date with Dania Sander Photography, the party will open for online booking. All sessions must be prepaid. Due to the constraints of the party day, advance sign-up is required and there are no refunds.

Portrait party proofing and ordering takes place online.  Guests have 10 days to place their order from the time galleries go live.

lmHow do they work?

Portrait Parties are hosted by one person who provides the location, coordinates the guest list, schedules the sessions in 20 minute intervals and collects the fees. Hostess gets a complimentary photo session for hosting a portrait party.

Each guest pays a reduced-rate portrait fee of $50 per child which includes the following (note: Hosts get all this free! except additional gallery images):

  • One 20 minute photo session.
  • Five edited images per child – delivered via digital download.  All photos will be put in an on-line gallery from which you can order additional images, at the cost presented in the gallery.
  • 25% off a future full photography session from Dania Sander Photography.

I highly recommend including a parent in at least one photo with their child, so come prepared!

Sign me up!

First, make out a potential guest list. We require at least 4 people (not including the hostess) to participate in the parties with a maximum of 15. Discuss dates with your guests to see which dates will work best for all of you. Once your date is set, you can put together an invitation however you would like- snail mail, evites or by creating an event on Facebook .

Tips for a Successful Host

  • Schedule your guests’ sessions 20 min apart. Schedule them consecutively so there aren’t any gaps (i.e. 10, 10:20, 10:40, etc). Let  your guests know they aren’t required to stay the whole time.
  • Follow up with your guests with reminders
  • Please let guests know they must pay with credit or debit card, in Advance.

And remember: As a host/hostess, you receive one 20 minute session complimentary along with five images delivered via digital download. 

Thank you for your interest in hosting a Portrait Party! At this time, I am only available for parties during the day on weekends. For more information Contact me!